Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Contet Entries and Fabric Photos

This is my entry for the Highways and Byways contest, Smokin' and a Bandit

Here's a photo of it all printed up.

A closer view of  the bandit

and a good look at his Camero

This one is for the Fireflies contest; it's called Lightning Bugs.

And here it is printed.

This shows one of the smaller lightning bugs.

Another view where you can get a good look at the floral pattern.

An overall view of the test swatch.

This is my entry for the 8-bit contest, Red 8-bit Splatter

A closer view of the 8-bit texture

There's a lot of subtle color variations that you just can't see on the design page.

And here's a third one just for good measure.

Robin's Nest fabric

and another view of the test swatch

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rabbit, Fabric Swatch, Mouse Pad

Rabbits fabric I used to make a mouse-pad

Finished mouse pd

There are a couple areas over the dark brown rabbit that I went a little too heavy on the mod podge.