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Contest Entry: Fancy Llama Herd

Llamas It's time to travel to the South American Andes mountains to show your llama love! Give a go at creating a lovable llama themed design. Deadline for entry is Tuesday, June 30th, 2015. Voting will open Thursday, July 2nd, 2015.
Here is my entry! This week's contest has such an awesome theme, llamas. It was fabulous to have something a little more my own style than some of the harder challenges they've been putting up lately. I really tried to push myself to make loads of different blanket patterns, and giving them a slight ikat treatment as well as the linen texture. The only drawback is that since I've done all this fine detail, it does tend to get swallowed up in Spoonflower's fabric views. Anyway here are my llamas:

Fabric Photos XXXV.


Project Photos: Crystal Planet Box Bag

This small box bag was a quick last minute project when I needed a make-up bag for a trip. I honestly made it the day we left. The pattern and instructions are from HERE. She is really clear and gives tons of pictures to walk you through every step. Mine is made using two of my favorite fabrics, Cities of the Crystal Planet II. outside and Cities of the Crystal Planet lining the inside. Here are what the designs look like; my camera seems to get confused by too much blue in one and too much red in the other. None of the pics look quite right color-wise!