Monday, May 1, 2017

Project Photos: New Potholders DIY

Red Violet Floral
Silver Cassettes Color Request

Start with two swatches pinned together with right sides together.
This is where you can add a loop for hanging if desired.

Sew around the outer edge leaving a space for turning at the bottom.

Trim down extra fabric, and clip corners without cutting the stitching.
Turn right side out, lightly stuff, and sew opening closed

Pin down the areas in between where you want to quilt. For this one the lines of top stitching will go under each line of cassette tapes. So I pinned the middle of the cassettes to keep the pins away from the sewing machine.

The pins help control the fluff while you are sewing.

Be sure the pins don't cause too much bunching on the back.

Then just quilt in your desired pattern, and you have a lovely potholder!

Tulip Mosaic on Gunmetal
Spoonflower Print

Fox Rose Wreath Blue
Stone Wash Blue

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dream Living Room for ARHAUS

*Before getting too far into this, let me just go ahead and say that I was asked to create a dream living room post for Arhaus. You can visit their living room section HERE and their Instagram HERE. They aren't compensating me and all of the opinions​ here are my own.*  Most of the images are on THIS Pinterest Board that I used to get my ideas together

So designing a living room is actually quite fun. Since it's a "dream living room" I've decided I'm not looking at prices or worrying about nitpicking a floor plan. 

The three major things that I would love is a comfortable couch, a desk to work at, and a huge window seat with built in bookshelves.

So there should be lots of  sunlight coming in to fill the room, and high ceilings. I'm imagining on the wall opposite the window a hanging garden set up like this one. The french cleat idea is genius!

For the backdrop for everything, I am thinking a dark blue paint like this for the walls.

The floor would definitely be a light colored wood. This wine box flooring is one idea, and I also like the shaped tile style of the second image.

And on top of all that pretty woodwork I want a couple of area rugs. One bigger red rug around the seating and coffee table area similar to this.

And a smaller fur hide style like these near the window seat. It doesn't have to be real fur.

Now to start filling in this space!

My desk would go along one of the side walls near the bookshelves and be set up with my computer, printer, and all that good stuff. I actually found two desks at Arhaus that are perfect for what I envision. The Telegraph desk is gorgeous with a lot of surface area for me to spread out in, and loads of storage. There is a hidden space in the top to put a power strip so you can hide your wiring, and the middle "drawer" flips down and slides out to hold your keyboard.

The Portier desk has all these curves and an elegant stone top. The six leg set up is unique and adds a lot of charm.  I love the paneling that goes all the way around the back. So I don't know if I would put this one all the way against the wall, because I'd would want to be able to see that! 
And above the desk I think it would be cool to have some pendant lights like these.
Across from here I'm imagining the tv over a console table like the Allegro table at Arhaus. The arches in this piece are lovely and the drawers would come in handy for keeping up with remotes and controllers. I do wish that it came in a lighter color, but I'm just in love with the shape.

Alright on to the seating! The room definitely needs a couch, and at least two big chairs. I am leaning towards darker gray and black colors that will look striking against the light hardwood and vibrant red on the floor. The Club couch is definitely a stunner, and would definitely become the favorite seat to watch tv and movies from.
Having picked that one, it led me towards a similar set of chairs to go on either side for additional seating. The Berwick chairs look so plush, and I like the studded details along the front. The color and shape doesn't exactly match the couch, but I think they would still work really well together.
There were a couple of ideas on the coffee table. There is a fairly intricate, carved table with a stone top. 

Then there is the studded chest being used in a similar manner.

The last detail that I really would love to have is a gate like the one here to help to herd the dogs out of the living room whenever we have company over. The arched doorway would be nice too!

Anyway, this has been a rather enjoyable exercise designing without limits. There are tons of little things that I could go into. Of course I'd like to make some pillows with my fabric, or have a section of wallpaper with some of my own designs from Spoonflower. But this could turn into a monster of a post. So if you'd like to see more of my ideas for this feel free to check out the Pinterest board.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Contest Entry: Herd of Unicorn Planters

Limited Color Palette Succulents

We know our community loves to create and sew with designs inspired by succulents, so we thought we’d try a Design Challenge using this theme with a restricted palette twist! Evocative of a desert sunset; deep, cool greens and earthy corals take the lead in in this limited palette challenge. Whether you use watercolors, vectors, or a block print technique, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Black and white are optional, and you must use at least 2 of the colors from our palette shown above. Please use only the full opacity of the colors, transparent variations will not be accepted. Entries will be previewed at the fat quarter size: 21″ x 18.”  Submissions close April 11, 2017 at 3 p.m. Eastern. Voting begins April 13, 2017.  See official rules.

Herd of Unicorn Planters

Here's my entry for the contest. Unicorns as little ceramic planters are filled to the brim with cacti and succulents. Sice they only gave us two greens to work with, I used the ben-day dot/stripe effect to mix up a few more shades while staying within the guidelines of the contest. 

Herd of Unicorn Planters

Herd of Unicorn Planters

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Contest Entry: Fairy Garden Paper Cut

Paper-Cut Florals

Channel your inner Matisse during his cutouts phase as you dream up a bold and graphic floral design. Actually taking scissors to paper is not required, but do your best to create the same effect whether you use print making, digital, or hand painted methods. Entries will be previewed at the fat quarter size: 21″ x 18.” Submissions close April 4, 2017 at 3 p.m. EDT. Voting begins April 6, 2017.

Fairy Garden Paper Cut 

Here's my entry; I couldn't resist making some fairies to go with the flowers!

Fairy Garden Paper Cut

Fairy Garden Paper Cut

Fairy Garden Paper Cut

Fairy Garden Paper Cut

Fairy Garden Paper Cut

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

DIY Faux Leather Belt Pouches

This is the first belt pouch that I made to fit my phone. It's made from these faux leather fabric samples that were in my fabric stash. The sizes are pretty small which meant piecing them together to make the patterns work. This smaller bag is made from 3 separate swatches. 

The main part is just a rectangle folded in half and an added strip on one side to make it the correct width. The loop is made very simply by trimming around the raised pattern, folding in half, and sewing firmly to the back half of the main piece. The pockets were done by cutting a swatch in 3 pieces and sewing them one on top of the other in a staggered fashion to the front half on the main piece. Then it was finished by sewing a seam along the side and bottom and turned right side out. The swatches had a soft knit backing so I kept that unlined. The Hydra pin was a gift from my brother :)

The second pouch was a design as you go scenario. It's mostly a box with a flap that fits the dimensions of my phone. It was lined with some of my steampunk fabrics and sewn partly by hand. The dragon pin on the front was purchased at Hobby Lobby by a friend of mine. The three buttons were an obnoxious red plastic before getting a few coats of metallic fingernail polish.

There are a few accent pieces of leather on the top with cream stitching for contrast. Between the flap and the back of the bag are the two loops. I tried to secure them really well. They are rectangles with a colored detail sewn underneath that I hoped would add to the strength of the project.

And on the back you can see where the holes from the staples that ran through my swatches were. I think that's the only place where that peeked through.

On one side I barely had enough matching scraps to make a small pocket for holding my earphones.

On the inside of the flap I used my Colorful Steam Punk Top Hats fabric. After hand stitching it into place I went over it with the cream machine stitching to keep it laying flat. You can also see another trim piece that is hidden when the pouch is closed

The dragon pin was added after the bag was completed. It did need some sturdy black thread to secure it in place. And you can also see the button hole here and below that was made by braiding linen thread and securing it to the knit underside of the leather before lining.

I added three buttons along the bottom even though the loop only goes around the one in the center.

The pockets and lining were horrible on my fingers because the layers and my lack of planning meant sewing by hand. The pockets were made from rectangles of leather with their linings made from taco folded rectangles of Steampunk Top Hats Plain and Steampunk Gears Brass & Copper that I hemmed beforehand. Those were wedged neatly between the pocket and the outside wall of the pouch and whip stitched and ladder stitched in place The sides were lined with the remnants of the cream swatch, and the bottom of the bag was a rectangle of Steampunk Gears Brass & Copper that was also hand stitched. When it was finally done everything was fashionably secured with cream stitching all the way around the lip of the bag.

Bottom inside the bag.

Back pocket with the hats above, and the front pocket with the gears below.

If I had this project to do over again, I probably wouldn't have lined each facet of the bag separately. But in the end I really love this thing. It pretty much goes with me everywhere because I can fit all my essentials in it: phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, coin purse, pen, earbuds, and any other tiny stuff I need. It does get a bit heavy, and I have to keep it on my left hip so it doesn't fall off when I have to use the restroom. But if the only drawback is that it's heavy because it can hold so much stuff, I'm more than happy to deal with that!