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Contest Entry: Fox & Rabbit Watercolor

Spoonflower Presents  The Pointillism Design Challenge
We think this week’s theme is spot on! Also referred to as dot art, pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Use your favorite medium to create a repeating pointillistic design that will fool the eye.
My entry this week is Fox & Rabbit Watercolor. The pointillism style being the only requirement allowed for a lot of freedom, and I decided to go with an adorable scene with a fox. The sweet little bunny has a black and white spotted pattern to fit in with the theme, and the flowers just complete the look of the whole piece.
I also took a few photos as I was going through the sketching and painting process. So I thought I would share!

I started with a sketch. This one is before I sorted out where all the spots and patches of black would be on the rabbit.

There aren't any pics during the layering because honestly it looked like a mess until the final …

Contest Entry: Kawaii Sushi Linen

Spoonflower Presents The Kawaii Sushi Design Challenge
In the context of Japanese culture, the word kawaii means cuteness. Most kawaii designs transform everyday objects into overly cute characters by adding simple facial features like two wide eyes, a small nose, and a dot for the mouth. Most commonly created with pastel colors, we’re challenging you to turn a widely popular dish into a repeating pattern that’s just too cute to eat!
My entry for this weeks contest is Kawaii Sushi Linen. This was a bit of an adventure to make. I have never drawn the kawaii style and before this I knew nothing about sushi. So I probably spent more time researching  than actually making the artwork itself lol! I created 17 different sushi characters and a fun dipping sauce with color variations of each. There is a lot of tako sushi (octopus) just because tentacles are so fun to make!

Contest Entry: Coven in Red

The Vintage Halloween Design Challenge Kooky, spooky and everything in between! This week’s challenge is all about one of our favorite DIY holidays. With a retro twist, create a vintage inspired repeating design with a nod to Halloween’s past. Tricks and treats are welcomed!

Coven in Red is my entry for Spoonflower's Vintage Halloween contest this week. I went with the classic silhouetted witch as my starting point. They aren't flying across the moon, but one of them is holding her broomstick! I gave all seven witches similar tattered cloaks and long pointy shoes and hats, but they are all up to their own different hijinks in the moonlight.