Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog #08

I have set up shop on The Pond_Ripple Shop will soon be filled with many of the wonderful fabric projects that I post on this blog as well as other artistic odds and ends I make. Already there are my lion wallet and raggedy plush from earlier this year. So head on over and check out my wares!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog #07

Now for Sale!->

My adventure in up-cycling  has finally ended with this raggedy lion plush!

I started with an old pair of black cargo pants. It took a good solid stretch of time with my new seam ripper and scissors to break them down into swatches of usable fabric. An old forgotten pillow that had long since gone flat, quickly lost its stuffing in my scissor happy mood. I chose to discard the oxidized fabric for aesthetic reasons.

I didn't have a pattern to go by, so I drew up my own crude pattern pieces on regular notebook paper and cut them out, pinned them to the fabric, and again whipped out my trusty scissors. Using the basic black for most of the pieces, the mane and tip of the tail were cut out from the unused portion of lion botanical fabric from an earlier project to give some color.

The rest of the project happened almost on its own. I just sewed everything together. That's not to say that it happened easily, I have still got a few kinks to work out on my vintage Singer. Either my needle thread tension is too tight or the bobbin thread tension is too loose. . . It's not in my nature to let technicalities slow me down, so when the machine started acting up, I switched to hand stitching. Since I was making a raggedy doll, it worked out fine and even added some charm.

Anyway after he was all stitched up the way I wanted, I used some pink yarn that I got for Christmas to sew on a fuzzy nose. The American Eagle buttons that came off the pockets of a pair of jeans were the finishing touch.

Front view
Details of the raw edged mane
Backside and head profile(insert)

Tip of tail front and back

Photos #5

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog #06

Design-wise, I have been experimenting with colors. Spoonflower has an amazing tool that lets you change out colors with the greatest of ease. Result:

White Flowers +Sea Serpent Colorway
Sea Serpent

White Flowers +Sea Serpents Colorway
Sea Serpents

That's right, a floral and monster set specifically designed with moms in mind. It's hard to find mother and child sets that appeal to each side of the proverbial coin. I am going to be putting more of this idea into action soon.


And sewing machine update: she is working beautifully. It zips through and gets the job done in no time. So far all that has gotten done are simple test projects so that I can get a good feel for it before tackling anything serious.

Fixing a small worn out drawstring bag that was literally held together with safety pins was test run number one. I had a few issues with the severely frayed ends trying to get caught places they shouldn't, but a more severe trimming smoothed out the process.

Completing a quickly hand-stitched merging of re-purposed shirts was item number two. The gathered fabric  was a pain in one or two spots, but I was honestly shocked at how quickly I got those seams in there. There's no telling how long I put off this project just because it's such a hassle to do that many stitches manually. Yay for technology!!