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Project Photos: Unicorn and Heart Bag Set

This is another one of my bag sets, Unicorn Tote Bag and Heart Clutch. The tote is reversible and features my Gold Unicorns & Rainbows on one side and Scroll Flowers on the other. Directions for sewing the tote are HERE. The Alice bag is shown in the tutorial, but construction of this bag is exactly the same.

The clutch was originally designed to feature the Red Steampunk Top Hats & Ravens on the exterior and the Love/Hate as the lining. It has since been changed to the Love/Hate as the main fabric and Ink Splatter II. Red and White on the interior. The tutorial for sewing the clutch can be found HERE

And here is the smallest of the three bags. I used my Fancy Llama Herd design, but changed th

Fabric Photos XXXVIII.


Project Photos: Malibu Satchel

I got this neat little pattern from the Fabric Mutt blog for what she calls the Malibu Satchel. It's completely free and you don't have to download anything, as all the measurements for the pattern pieces and instructions are in the blog post. This is the bag that I made:

It started out with my mom giving me a pretty maxi skirt that she no longer wears. The floral material is gorgeous but sheer with a separate solid black underlayer. They had to be used together as the main outer layer. The lining and accent fabric is the matte side of a navy satin, while the strap is a simple grosgrain ribbon.

The back of the bag. You can see that I just stitched the straps onto the bag instead of using the detachable clips. The top carrying strap was omitted altogether.

A cellphone pocket was also added onto the front of the bag under the flap to be easily accessable.

Here you can see my old school flip phone trying to make the pocket a little more visible in this dark fabric.

The inside of…