Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project Photos: Shark Journal

Journal made using designs from my Great Barrier Reef collection on Spoonflower.

The front cover features my Reef Sharks fabric. 

I embroidered a title on the fabric before sewing everything together.

All the fabric that I used was in the form of 8"x 8" test swatches;
So I had to add borders on the top and bottom to make the covers the proper size.

Here's the back cover made with my Golden Reef Linen.

  The base of the hard cover is just two rectangles of cardboard taken from an old box.
I wrapped the fabric around the cardboard and machine stitched all the way around the edges. 

I attached the front and back together with the two pieces of fabric (one outside and one inside) that make the spine.
 I folded the raw edges under and stitched them together by hand.

On the inside I added two pockets made from one swatch of my Pink Reef that I cut in half.
And under those is a swatch of Pink Reef with Shark to fill the rest of the space out.

I glued the background fabric and the top pocket into place with mod podge,
but I noticed that it was causing a bit of the ink in the fabric to bleed. So I decided to sew the last pocket in.

The pages are all sewn together, and along the sewn edge, they are hand stitched to the spine.
I also added a layer of gesso over the stitching for extra strength.

 The bottom page is glued to the back cover with mod podge. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project Photos: Mouse Pad

Kitty Cuddle Stripe

This was a fairly simple project.  The base is a  mouse pad that  had some annoying advertising on it.
I gave that a few coats of gesso to keep the design from showing through the lighter parts of the fabric.

   I  folded over the raw edges and  put a couple lines of stitches around the perimeter. And this is the final result!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Jet Pack Bag Tiny Scale

Tiny prototype version of my Small Jet Pack Bag made to fit on a swatch for proofing!
The one for sale that is made from a fat quarter is about 8" wide.

You can still see all the fun details on the coin purse sized proof.

The back of the tiny bag,
and you can see I didn't bother to create straps since they would be useless at this scale.

I had to use a separate swatch for the lining. Silver and Blue Spot

I stuffed the little flames before sewing the hole for turning (in the lining) closed.

Fabric Photos XIV.