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Fabric Photos XXIX.


Project Photos: 2015 Kitty Tea Towel Calendar


Embellished Tassels for Embroidered Bag

The medieval embroidered pouch that I wrote about here needed a little something extra to make it complete. Even before I started on this project, a row of little coordinated tassels was up on the agenda, but the thought of making them was intimidating. After cruising around on Pinterest several times looking for tutorials, I thought I had the general idea down, and set about making a few simple tassels. The tops of my tassels were frankly, a bit of a mess. Fortunately I planned to cover up that sad poof with this DIY

Even more fortunately, I started trying to make my fancy buttonhole stitched top on a throwaway tassel (above). It took a lot of sewing and unsewing, stitch tutorial videos and frustration, a process that did some damage to that poor gray thing. Finally I figured it out, and got down to the real business of making my delicate looking black tops.

Here you can see the unfinished top of one of my green tassels along with the embellished ones. The one on the far left show…

Project Photos: Cat Pillow & Heart Rice Sock


Clutch Tutorial

It also applies to these kits: Terrarium Bag Kit Carpet Flowers Bag Kit Alice in Wonderland Bags Reversible Reef Tote Kit Zombie Hearts Bags Gold Unicorns & Rainbows
You will need a 14" zipper to complete this bag.