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Project Photos: Pink Cat Grass Zipper Pouch

This little pouch was a gift for my grandmother. She needed a new bag to hold some small items in her purse as her old one had worn out. I decided to make her a special one of a kind bag by making a pink version of my Cat Grass Damask design that I would only print once. It got squeezed into the same yard as my forest Mix shirt and headband. There were a couple of swatches in my stash that went well with a similar gray and pink palette, Pink Southwestern Geometric Stripe and Pink Southwestern American Bison. I used these to create the lining, and Grandma was very happy with her new custom pouch. :)

Project Photos: Geometric Llama

The pattern for this adorable little stuffed llama comes from this pin on Pinterest. The original idea that I had was to make it bigger, but there was a conveniently sized remnant in my stash that would be way cuter. Just a word of caution, my llama was done on Spoonflower's satin and the tiny seam allowances make this an incredibly delicate figure. Mine is just meant to be decorative and sit on a shelf so it works. So if you plan on making one like this out of a ravel prone fabric be sure to be generous with seam allowances, and zigzag or serge each seam.

Project Photos: Forest Mix T-shirt and Headband

This coordinated t shirt and headband set was made using a single yard of Spoonflower's performance knit. I used a free downloadable pattern for the shirt and made an image file the size required for the yard. After playing around for awhile and getting my pattern pieces to fit I filled them in with the designs from my Forest Mix collection. The front of the shirt is North American Forest Mix, the back is Mixed Flowers, and the headband is Mixed Fruits & Berries. After the file was complete, I uploaded and ordered it :) It took a couple of hours to sew everything up once I got the fabric in the mail.