Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rice Socks for Christmas

This year my mom bought these three rice socks from me to give to some of her coworkers for Christmas.

It took three swatches and almost a pound of rice to make them.
For instructions on how to make your own rice socks click HERE.

This sock is made from my Tabby and Black Cats fabric.

And here's the reverse side.

This one is from a swatch of my Royal Floral Double.

And here is the underside.

This design is called Horse March.

And  the design almost matched up on the back of the sock!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Contest Entry: Monochromatic Mittens

Large view of Monochromatic Mittens design for the Mittens Gift Wrap contest of the week at Spoonflower

A closer view of the upright mittens,

and a closer view of the  upside-down mittens.
 This is the preview of Monochromatic Mittens on Spoonflower's gift wrap.