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Blog #29

I've made and designed my very first messenger bag using my fabrics Golden Sea Serpent and Turquoise Dragon Skin. The black parts of the bag are made from a mystery fabric that my mom bought when she was out helping a friend look for a wedding dress.

It was a bit harder than I imagined designing a messenger bag around two 8"x8" swatches of fabric. My design-as-you-go philosophy spread out the project throughout the week, which was nice since it wasn't as stressful as sitting down and making everything work out on paper.

Blog #28

It's been awhile since I've made anything with my fabrics, since I've been out of thread. But yesterday I got a wonderful surprise, my mom brought over a stash of thread that had just been sitting around in a desk at her office. And when I say a stash I mean 21 spools of thread! They are all made in Great Britain and have great names like 'gay kingfisher' and 'frivolous pink.'

Now that I've got wondrous amounts of beautiful thread, I'm back in the making business! My first project is a bookmark using my Yeti fabric and some thick drawing paper. I doubled over the paper and turned my unevenly cut edges in and I whip-stitched it closed before sewing on the Yeti fabric. So now it's all finished and saving my place as I work my way through The Iliad and The Odyssey.

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Blog #27

I finally got my swatches in the mail, and I decided to spruce up my old worn shoes with some new insoles. I used my own fabric Lotus-Monster to make the insoles, and it looks like a miracle hit these shoes. They're still worn around the edges, but now it's in a good way :D

The swatch is not long enough to cover the whole insole, but the toe covered the short front end well enough that you can't really tell. Trying this with small shoes would eliminate this problem.

I've included a short photo tutorial: