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Blog #55

This is my entry for Spoonflower's Coordinate fabric of the week contest:
It's two yards of fat quarters from the following designs:

Blog #54

This box was originally an ordinary cardboard box with bland black factory information as its only distinguishing feature. Bland no more, this nifty little box now features some of my more unique fairy tale fabrics. I used my Golden Unicorns fabric for the top, my Frog Prince II. fabric for the inside, and for the outer decoration I used my Strange Gold fabric.

(Just a small note, I still can't see what I'm shooting with my camera;  if some of the angles et cetera look strange, that's why.)

Photos #36

These photos come from my newest swatch order. I recently damaged my digital camera's screen so that I can't actually see when taking my pictures; this batch of pictures reflects that.

Photos #35


Blog #53