Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tutorial: Alice in Wonderland Tote Bag

Instructions on how to sew the tote in my Alice in Wonderland Bags fabric kit on Spoonflower

This is the lining fabric. Please note that when cutting out the pieces
the blue borders are your seam allowance. DO NOT CUT THEM OFF.

And here is the exterior fabric. I like leaving the white border attached to either end just to help strengthen the strap attachment later on.

Start with the exterior fabric piece.

Fold the piece in half matching up the blue seam allowances, and pin in place. Sew a vertical seam just inside of the pattern so that no blue will show in the finished bag. Leave the top edge and the notches in the bottom open.

Clip a line in the inside corners of the bottom notches all the way through the seam allowance. Fold the edges of the notches together as shown in the photo, and sew a seam all the way across. This forms the box shape of the base of your bag. Repeat all steps on the lining piece leaving a 2-3 inch gap for turning along one side.

Cut out the two strap pieces.

Fold both lengthwise with right sides together.

Pin the edges together and sew together making a tube. I use a zigzag stitch for added strength.

Turn straps inside out.

Pin and sew the strap to the exterior fabric as shown.

Repeat with the other strap.

Place one piece inside another with the right sides facing each other.

Line up the blue seam allowances, pin together, and sew all the way around.

Turn the whole bag right side out through the gap you left earlier.

Use a ladder stitch to finish this seam invisibly.

Push the lining into place. The top edge of the bag needs a good press, and a fine line of stitching across will keep the top of the bag looking crisp. The bag is now done!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fabric 8 Contest: Cosmic Voyage

Fabric8 is an annual contest to discover eight bold and modern fabric collections from new and emerging designers. The winner of the contest will be offered a contract to design a fabric collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, a $1000 advance against royalties, and a Wacom professional digital drawing tablet. Each of the eight finalists will receive $150 in Spoonflower credit.

If you were to hop on a spaceship and travel the galaxies, what would you find? A city of aliens on a distant planet? A colony of human space-immigrants? Distant rainbow colored nebulae, or a floating space garden? Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman are looking for designers who are ready to gas up their jetpacks and discover the best fabric designs in the universe for our "Cosmic Voyage" Fabric8 design challenge.

This is my entry for the contest:

Cities of the Crystal Planet II.
  Imagine a hostile planet colonized by extraterrestrial and highly intelligent life. For whatever reason they have come, scientific, economical, or perhaps just plain survival, their continued presence can only be sustained by building cities encased in biodomes among the giant crystalline structures that dot the landscape. These cities are connected by a network of roads that lead back to a central city.

Cities of the Crystal Planet II.

Cities of the Crystal Planet II.

Cities of the Crystal Planet II.

Cities of the Crystal Planet II.