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I'm relatively new to Spoonflower and fabric design in general. I am making this blog mostly in the hope that I can share my fabric photos and projects. I am trying new things and I'm prepared to learn and fail along the way.

I have an old Singer sewing machine that I'm getting in working order, so until I get this ball rolling everything is going to be hand stitched. Yay for manual labor! It will take me much longer to do things, but hopefully it will just mean that I'm more selective about what I make and quality will win out over quantity.


  1. Landed here via Spoonflower and see that you have a Vintage Singer you are getting in working order - fabulous. I wanted to share that there are numerous yahoo groups for owners of vintage machines, where you can read a lot of good info about getting them working and keeping them that way.

    Before you join, let me say that a lot of people belong to pretty much all the groups, so they get very testy about cross posting and it is usually against group rules. All that means is, don't post the same question in a bunch of places.

    Anyway, you go to and search in groups - there is VintageSingers, wefixit, and a few others. There may be "Sewing machine" in there somewhere. You can also just search on Sewing Machines or Vintage Sewing machines and groups will come up.

    No affiliation except I belong to the groups, not a mod or list owner or anything like that. Welcome to Vintage Sewing Machine ownership, it is a LOT of fun!


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