Blog #53

Here's a sweet frog I made using a free pattern by Purl Bee.
I scaled the pattern down to fit on an 8" x 8" swatch of fabric.

For the top portion, I used my Dandelions test swatch,
And I hand embroidered the little eyes.
Here's a view of the top.

And for the bottom of the frog, I used my Small Flowers in Golden Summer test swatch.

Here's a picture of the underside of the frog.
The frog is filled with rice since I didn't have any of the beans she suggested on hand.

Here is a small over-the-shoulder bag where I used my A Mouse and An Owl I. fabric.
You can see here where I whip stitched it onto the flap by hand after making the rest of the purse.
I finger knitted the long handle out of yarn and machine stitched it in place
I used an old button and some brown thread to create the closure.


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