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This is my entry for Sponflower's jack-o-lantern plushie or pillow contest. I went with a pillowcase featuring Cinderella as she leaves the pumpkin patch for the ball. Click on each picture to see a larger version. Oh, and you can see my design here.
This is the front of the pillowcase, right-side-up.


Right Border
Left border


  1. I absolutely love these fabric designs. They are wonderful.


  2. Thanks! It brightens my day just to hear you like it.

    I had real trouble trying to find a jack-o-lantern that would stand out from the competition. On the last day for entering, it finally came to me, and the rest of my day was spent in front of the computer.

    Yay for procrastination! Really, I do my best stuff while racing a deadline :)


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