This is the front of a sketchbook I recently made using cardboard, fabric, and sketch paper.

Here's a closer look at the cover fabric featuring my Unicorn Repeat design. 

Here's the back cover. The fabric along the top is my Triangle Check Mint Stripe.

And a closer view of the Natural Painted Horses fabric.

You can see how the two covers are held together by two rectangles of fabric that act like the spine of a book.
Also visible are the folded groups of sketch paper that were sewn together and wrapped in fabric to hide the stitching.

The underside of the spine as well as the fabric wrapped around the bound pages is my Mint Chevron.
I used mod podge to glue the bottom of the bound pages to the cover.

This made it possible for the front cover to flip behind the pages.

Side view open to the first page.

The upper pages can simply flip behind like a clipboard to access subsequent pages.


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