Project Photos: Quilted Pillowcase

This quilted pillowcase was a rather unusual labor of love. You see, we tend to keep our bird feeder stocked with birdseed, and someone innocently set the sack on the desk while we were bringing in the groceries one night. Obviously refilling the feeder in the middle of the night wasn't on the to-do list. So it remained on the desk until the next day. Our cat Richard discovered that it's pretty much a tiny bean bag chair, and lazed around on it all day. And then the next day, and the day after that, and it was quickly becoming a joke that we should just buy another bag for the birds. Here are a few pictures of his adorable self:

Look at that smile!

After a week or two it eventually became clear that the bird food was here to stay. So to keep it looking a little less like an eyesore in the middle of the living room, I took it upon myself to make a zippered cover for it. My swatch collection needed some paring down, and there were just enough from my Lama Fancy collection to make the patchwork pillowcase match on both sides.

It took ten swatches each divided into four 4"x4" blocks to make the main part. They had a half inch for seam allowance which turned them into 3"x3" when sewn together. The purple border by the zipper is from one swatch. I cut them into 4"x2" blocks. To make this a little wider the top and bottom seam allowance were about a quarter of an inch.

I sewed each side together separately, and treated it like an unlined zipper pouch. The zipper is there to keep the cover from sliding around on the smooth plastic, and makes it easy to take off for washing. I used the cotton ultra so the color should hold up over time. Anyway here are some pictures of the finished pillowcase while empty.

Side A

Side B

purple llama dot stripe

llama circles & stripes

purple llama diamonds

fancy llama herd

llama arrows

purple llama circle stripes

llama diamonds

purple llama arrows

llama hourglasses

purple llama hourglasses

And here it is on the bag of seed with Richard trying his best to ignore me and my camera. :)

llama dot stripe


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