Project Photos: Pink Cat Grass Zipper Pouch

This little pouch was a gift for my grandmother. She needed a new bag to hold some small items in her purse as her old one had worn out. I decided to make her a special one of a kind bag by making a pink version of my Cat Grass Damask design that I would only print once. It got squeezed into the same yard as my forest Mix shirt and headband. There were a couple of swatches in my stash that went well with a similar gray and pink palette, Pink Southwestern Geometric Stripe and Pink Southwestern American Bison. I used these to create the lining, and Grandma was very happy with her new custom pouch. :)

Here you can see the Pink Cat Grass Damask . The other side looks exactly the same.

One side of the lining is Pink Southwestern Geometric Stripe as you see here.

Pink Southwestern American Bison makes up the other half.


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