Fabric Photos XXXVI.

Wow, it has been a while since I posted any fabric photos! The holidays and my major crafting projects have taken me away from blogging. There have been probably seven or eight rice socks for various family members, a small zippered pouch for Grandma, a clutch for my friend Diana, another clutch for Mom, a suede wallet for my brother, and some embroidery for my Aunt Jennifer. I didn't manage to photograph any of these projects, but I always want to give people their presents as soon as they're complete. lol

I made a shoe shaped pincushion, which should get its own post soon. My huge quilt is almost finished; all it lacks are the side panels. 

I'm sure there have been other things just falling through the cracks in my memory, but on to the fabric swatches: The colors look a bit off. I tried to put a range of colored thread to help my camera's automatic white balance, and this is the best photo of each swatch.


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