Project Photos: Unicorn and Heart Bag Set

This is another one of my bag sets, Unicorn Tote Bag and Heart Clutch. The tote is reversible and features my Gold Unicorns & Rainbows on one side and Scroll Flowers on the other. Directions for sewing the tote are HERE. The Alice bag is shown in the tutorial, but construction of this bag is exactly the same.

Here is the main tote finished.

Gold Unicorns & Rainbows

You can see the floral lining, 

and you can even flip the bag

to make the  Scroll Flowers the main side.

The clutch was originally designed to feature the Red Steampunk Top Hats & Ravens on the exterior and the Love/Hate as the lining. It has since been changed to the Love/Hate as the main fabric and Ink Splatter II. Red and White on the interior. The tutorial for sewing the clutch can be found HERE


The zippered clutch isn't reversible, but I've flipped it inside out to show the lining

Red Steampunk Top Hats & Ravens

All the bags in the set.

And here is the smallest of the three bags. I used my Fancy Llama Herd design, but changed the background to a gray to match the clutch. The lining is made from two swatches Gold Unicorns & Rainbows and Unicorns & Rainbows 2. These tie the zippered purse to the tote.

Fancy Llama Herd

Gold Unicorns & Rainbows

Unicorns & Rainbows 2


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