Project Photos: New Potholders DIY

Red Violet Floral
Silver Cassettes Color Request

Start with two swatches pinned together with right sides together.
This is where you can add a loop for hanging if desired.

Sew around the outer edge leaving a space for turning at the bottom.

Trim down extra fabric, and clip corners without cutting the stitching.
Turn right side out, lightly stuff, and sew opening closed

Pin down the areas in between where you want to quilt. For this one the lines of top stitching will go under each line of cassette tapes. So I pinned the middle of the cassettes to keep the pins away from the sewing machine.

The pins help control the fluff while you are sewing.

Be sure the pins don't cause too much bunching on the back.

Then just quilt in your desired pattern, and you have a lovely potholder!

Tulip Mosaic on Gunmetal
Spoonflower Print

Fox Rose Wreath Blue
Stone Wash Blue


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