Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Contest Entry:Golden Cat Grass Damask

Golden Cat Grass Damask with my kitties Regelwyn and Richard as models. 

Black Richard

White Regelwyn

Black Regelwyn

White Richard

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fabric and Project Photos + Cats

Crystal City Yard Bundle

Cities of the Crystal Planet
Cities of the Crystal Planet II.
Book cover that I took photos of on the cat's stool.
Regelwyn definitely does not approve. 

The back side, and Richard who is wondering what's going on here.

The cover when the book is open.

Inside back cover, ...

... and inside front cover.

No stools were harmed in the making of these pictures.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Project Photos: B R Monogram Pillow

I used an embroidery pattern c.1895 that I found at the Antique Pattern Library Catalog website to make
the design for the front of the pillow on my computer, and I uploaded the file onto Spoonflower for printing.
It's printed on Spoonflower's new Ottoman Rib.

The back uses a beautiful metallic white on white damask that I got from my Grandma Bonita's fabric stash.

Here's a closer view of the lettering!

And the delicate flowers and ribbon along the edges!
(I thought I was never going to get this to repeat perfectly all the way around, and
I have a newfound respect for the women who could do all this by hand back then!)
I haven't yet sewn up the pink twin to this pillow, but I can't wait to have this lovely pair gracing my bed!!