Blog #03

So I've been busy lately designing fabrics, and yesterday I did did something that I never thought I would. I deleted designs. Not a great many went under the axe, just a few that I had to be honest with myself about.

I thought I'd share the ideas behind a few of my designs that have lived to see another day:

Jesters is for the jokers and fools contest on Spoonflower. I wanted to do something colorful and fun, but I had serious doubts that I could do this contest. It took awhile for me to stumble across the right thing on my sketch pad, but once it happened I was really glad that I stuck with it.

Primavera is a beautiful mural in Pompeii that I came across while doing a research paper on Roman paintings. For that project I painted a smaller reproduction of it. To make the fabric design, I took a photograph using my digital camera. I then used Pixlr to edit out the background which had too much texture due to the canvas and the reflection of the flash on the acrylic paint. I tweaked the colors and cleaned up a few blemishes. And after a day or so slaving at the computer, my inner perfectionist was finally satisfied.

Gnome Home

Gnome Home is a pen and color pencil drawing that came from my old sketchbook. I have always loved the strange little man and his mushroom home. So when I found it the other day, I thought that it would make some cute pillows and bags. After that it's the usual story: digital camera, Pixlr, and then off to Spoonflower.


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