Mouse-pad from a Swatch

I started off with a  cotton swatch of my Painted Horses design. The printed area is 8"x 8".

Here's what the mouse-pad looks like now. The mod podge slightly darkens the colors.

The bottom is two layers of batting glued together with mod podge and quilted.

Here's a closer look at the quilting. If I do this again I'll be sure to use white thread in the bobbin since the teal thread on the glued side shows through a bit on the white parts of my horses!

The swatch was coated in mod podge and left to dry before another coat of mod podge glued it to the quilted base.

I trimmed everything down after the second round of mod podge had dried, and now I have a mouse pad from one of my favorite fabrics!


  1. Great idea!
    I wonder if I could be even lazier and just glue a swatch to an existing mousepad...


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