Project Photos: Fabric Shoes

I used a pattern from Stitch Magazine's Spring 2013 issue to make these shoes.  The original pattern is for slippers, but I changed up a few details to make it more of an everyday shoe. The outer fabric is a regular cotton, and I gave it liberal coats of Mod Podge to Make it a little more suitable for outside wear.

Shoes made using a scaled down version of my Small Flowers in Frosted Night fabric on the outside and a larger version of my Rainbow Hex fabric as the lining.

Closer look at the toe, you can see that the Mod Podge darkened the appearance of the fabric and gave it a nice shine. The little red dots along the lines of quilting are from me using a red thread in the bobbin of my sewing machine.

Closer look at the strap and insole.

A view of the inside of the shoe.


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