Pink and Black Box Bag

I got the tutorial off of this pin: 

The directions call for two 7" x 10" rectangles for the exterior fabric, and two of a coordinating fabric for the lining, along with matching interfacing. To make a quilted version, I used 10 swatches cutting out 2 blocks from each. I measured and cut out a 2"x 7" rectangle on a piece of  paper to create a template for my quilting blocks. 

Note: if you use this method, be sure to leave a seam allowance around the block. Penciling the template on the back of the fabric gives you a precise line to sew along. After joining all the pieces together cut off the excess on the outer edges along the pencil lines to give you the required 7" x "10" rectangles.

The interfacing in my version was replaced with a layer of batting quilted to the trimmed exterior piece.

Lattice in Pink

Pink Ink Splatter

Narwhal Seaweed

Contest Narwhal Circles

Ink Splatter II. Black and White

Black and White Chevrons

The bag is turned inside out in these photos for a better look at the lining.

Ink Splatter II. White and Black

Black Ink Splatter
Absolute Black Ink Splatter


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