Project Photos: B R Monogram Pillow

I used an embroidery pattern c.1895 that I found at the Antique Pattern Library Catalog website to make
the design for the front of the pillow on my computer, and I uploaded the file onto Spoonflower for printing.
It's printed on Spoonflower's new Ottoman Rib.

The back uses a beautiful metallic white on white damask that I got from my Grandma Bonita's fabric stash.

Here's a closer view of the lettering!

And the delicate flowers and ribbon along the edges!
(I thought I was never going to get this to repeat perfectly all the way around, and
I have a newfound respect for the women who could do all this by hand back then!)
I haven't yet sewn up the pink twin to this pillow, but I can't wait to have this lovely pair gracing my bed!!


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