Project Photos: Unicorn Needlebook

This is a rather large needlebook made to accommodate my new leather needles as well as my smaller hand sewing needles. It was a quick project cutting out 2 rectangles of fabric and 3 layers of batting measuring 3 3/4 inch by 5 1/4 inch. I added a long length of lace that was about a foot long so that the needle case would be wrapped a couple of times to keep it closed. Everything was stacked together and pinned. The fabrics should have the printed sides together, and the batting layers set under that. The ribbon was wound up and placed between the fabric pieces with a little tail sticking out from the bundle. Then it was as simple as sewing around the perimeter leaving a gap and turning through that hole. I ladder stitched the hole closed and had a neat little place to store my needles :)

The outside features one of the unicorns on my Sweet Prizes fabric.

The inside uses my Endless Flowers & Butterflies fabric.

The book closed with the lace wrapped around it.

And another view of the completed needle case.
*Just a note on the photos: The colors aren't true to life; my camera has an automatic white balance that gets really confused when I photograph bright swathes of color.*


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