Contest Entry: "Home is Where the Heart is." Tea Towel

Home is Where the Heart Is
What are the most important aspects of home life to you? What means the most to your loved ones? Keep it quirky or make it traditional–just be authentic! The lovely thing about tea towels is how they add a splash of personality to any kitchen. Deadline to enter is October 11th, 2016. Please note that designs can be all-over prints, or formatted as a recipe for a tea towel — the choice is yours! Prizes: Grand prize winner will receive a Maran Slipper Chair from Roostery, upholstered in Eco Canvas fabric in a design of the winner’s choice. Top 2 – 10 will receive one Orpington tea towel from Roostery printed in their winning design. Top 25 popularly voted winners will have their designs made for sale automatically, provided they are verified sellers.

"Home is Where the Heart is." Tea Towel

"Home is Where the Heart is." Tea Towel

You can see my entry above. It's a fun mix of pinks and golds focusing on a very literal imagining of the titular theme. The anatomically rendered heart is one of my favorite things to draw, and it gets paired up with text which is something that is totally out of my comfort zone. The tea towel format for this month requires a border that can be used by Roostery as a seam allowance without cutting any of the design off. I went with the dark pink with a linen texture that will still work for people ordering from Spoonflower.

Claw Marks & Sparks
 This is the pattern featured as the backdrop for the towel. Then below is another combination of the same elements refashioned into a regular repeat.

"Home is Where the Heart is." Repeat


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