Blog #27

I finally got my swatches in the mail, and I decided to spruce up my old worn shoes with some new insoles. I used my own fabric Lotus-Monster to make the insoles, and it looks like a miracle hit these shoes. They're still worn around the edges, but now it's in a good way :D

The swatch is not long enough to cover the whole insole, but the toe covered the short front end well enough that you can't really tell. Trying this with small shoes would eliminate this problem.

I've included a short photo tutorial:
Swatch used in project

Trace sole onto paper and cut out to use as a template.

Turn the fabric wrong-side-up and determine placement.

Use a pencil to trace the template onto the back of the fabric.

Cut out fabric along the lines.

Pour glue into an open container or paint pallet.
Be sure to have water handy to make sure you rinse all the glue out of your brush before it dries.

Use a paintbrush to coat the pre-existing insole that is in your shoe.
Place the fabric over this using the wrong end of the paintbrush to smooth out any lumps.
Set aside to dry, and you're done. 


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