Blog #32

I absolutely love getting swatches in the mail. I usually don't blog about just the swatches, but this batch was a little adventure. So I'm giving it a little more attention.

The first swatch here is my Mothers Day Roses fabric. I knew that Spoonflower has trouble printing similar colors side by side, and I thought I had my reds and greens far enough apart. I didn't. They printed out as the same color, but if you hold it up to the light at just the right angle you can see the faintest difference. (Mom and I had a good laugh about it) I have since darkened the outline colors, and hopefully the next swatch will be fine.

Full swatch
Detail of roses

The next swatch is the Small Daisies design. It came out darker than I thought it would, but it still looks gorgeous. So I'm pretty excited, and I can't wait to make something from it.

Swatch with flash
Swatch without flash


Next on the list is Sunny Chevron III. The colors turned out exactly the way I wanted, but it had a bit of a repeat glitch. I think it's all fixed now, and I'm going to re-proof it and hopefully put it up for sale.

It looks pretty from a distance

Closer inspection of glitch

On to my absolute favorite: Zombies! This one turned out so well; it makes me so happy inside. I did have to tweak the glint in their eyes. The scaling down had made that detail too small, but now it's fixed so everyone has a twinkle in their eye.

Swatch with flash
Swatch without flash

Arrows! This design printed out well; there is a slight bit of detail that got lost on the feathering. I've made that red on red a bigger contrast, and it should print out lovely :D


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