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This box has three of my designs on it:
Golden Sea Serpent
Golden Dragon Skin
Delicate Floral
I mostly use this blog in conjunction with my small line of fabric on Spoonflower, but today I'm writing about another medium: paper. Using the designs I originally intended for fabric on paper came about from this amazing website, The Toymaker by Marilyn Scott-Waters.

On this website there are some astounding paper toys and boxes. Most of the toys are set up with a blank version that you can print out. I used some of the box templates and placed my fabric designs on them before printing them out. It seriously uncluttered my sewing desk.

The boxes I have posted pictures of use these two templates:
These two boxes have the original designs by Marilyn Scott-Waters.
Polar Bear in the Parlor
Bug Box

Have fun, but beware! This is totally addicting ;)
I gave this box with my Primavera on it to my mom. 
This matchbox for my loose buttons has my
Delicate Floral II.and my
 Two Headed Vulture designs on it.
(And if your wondering, the black lines on my boxes look strange is because the were inked by hand after we ran out of black ink!)

This is a quote from her FAQ:

"Can I print out your toys and sell them at the swapmeet/my store/as part of my gift baskets?"

Please don't. They are a gift and not to be sold for money.
"Can I print out a bunch of copies and give them to people in nursing homes, my class, my kid's birthday party, use them for Christmas Presents?"
Yes, please do! That is what they are there for! Make as many as you like. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that someone has made a toy to cheer up a friend.


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