Blog #41

This is a glasses case that I made for my mother out of a swatch of my Delicate Floral on Red fabric.

These are so easy to make!You don't really need a pattern. Just use a regular swatch (they're normally 8"x8" plus a small white border) and a lining piece the same size.

Pin and sew them together right sides facing leaving a hole for turning. This is the step to put in an elastic loop in the top seam for a button closure.

Turn it inside out, sew the hole closed with a ladder stitch, and iron flat.

The basic idea is to fold it in thirds and sew up the edges by hand to make the pouch. I used a figure eight stitch to keep the lining from sticking out the side. Just be sure to check the fit before you sew the edges.

After it's all sewn up, fold the top down and iron it flat. The last thing is to sew on the button and you're done!


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