Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog #41

This is my entry for the Circus fabric of the week contest on Spoonflower. 

I knew that I wanted to at least include a few lions and a group on the flying trapeze, but apart from that I had no idea what I wanted. I ended up looking around on Flickr for some inspiration, and I came across wonderful black and white striped leggings. It led to the striped costumes on the lions. 

I looked at a lot of photos of trapeze artists in action to be sure and get the lions in the proper positions. After the initial drawings of the trapeze lions, I started to just wing it.

The high-wire act started out as two separate performers on different  tightropes, but they were making my repeat difficult. I was just going to cut one from the design, but then my brain started working. So, I combined the two acts.

Oh, and the juggler is just kinda there. Not much of a story on this guy he just showed up in an almost finished form from the first pencil sketch. He does remind me of an Oompa Loompa though. 

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