Finished Pencil Case Photos

These are photos of the finished Moths to Open Flames pencil case.
 To see how to put the kit together click here.

The finished Moths to Open Flames pouch.
The inside of the pouch.
Closer look at the lining
I made it big enough to fit all my pencils and color pencils.
To give you an idea of the size:
The box is 7"x 5" and 2 3/4" deep

And you can see that they all fit with a comfortable amount of wiggle room.

Here's the full pouch all zipped up

And a view of the other side.

The top corner where you can see my zipper and the way that both sides of the pattern seem to flow together.

Here's a view of the side. You can see how the Ripple Stripes pattern on each side matches up.

The bottom of  the bag is seamless.


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