Moths to Open Flames Pencil Case Instructions

This is the instructions for making my Moths to Open Flames kit into a finished pencil pouch.
 You will need:
1 fat quarter of Moths to Open Flames fabric
1 zipper approximately 10" or  25cm
Sewing machine
Matching thread
Hand sewing needle
Straight pins

Cut out all five pieces being sure to leave the white borders (seam allowance) attached.

Covers for zipper ends:
Fold under the white edges, pinning them in place all the way around.
Sew around the edges using a matching thread. (I used a bright yellow to make the tutorial easier to understand.)
Attach finished covers to the zipper ends by sewing a straight line. (See picture; top  horizontal line)
Be sure to leave enough of the zipper exposed checking the positioning against the top of one of the lining pieces.
This just helps keep the zipper from fraying and gives you a little more leeway when it comes to zipper size.

Place the zipper right side up on top of one of your lining pieces that is also right side up.
Pin them together and sew as close to the center of the zipper as you can. 

Do the same with the other side being sure to flip the other side back.
The lining pieces should be facing each other with right sides together.
When you're finished, it should look like the picture above.

Keep the lining/zipper piece exactly as you had it on the last step. 
Place the outer fabric piece face-down, vertically on top of the other piece,
aligning the top edge of the lining piece and the top edge of the outer piece.
Pin in place and sew as close to the zipper as you did the time before.
Flip just the outer piece back over the top, and flip the lining layers underneath it.

Align the top edges like before. The outer fabric should be folded over itself with right sides facing..

Pin and sew again. Then reach into the tube created by the outer fabric, and unzip the zipper.

Flip the outer piece one way, and the lining the other way.  Pin the open edges matching up lining to lining and outer to outer. The center line is marked in the seam allowance of the outer piece to help keep it even.

Pin the center seams in the same direction

Mark off a 2" section in the center of the lining's bottom edge. Sew along the edges except for the area yo marked.
Cut the corners and the extra fabric hanging  off  the seam allowance on the zipper covers.
Pull the bag right sides out through the hole.

Use a  ladder stitch to close the hole left in the lining,

And here's the finished bag!


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