Lightning Bug Clutch

A clutch that I made using several swatches.

The outside is a combination of my Lightning Bugs and Ripple Stripe fabrics.

Close up of one side showing the Lightning Bugs.

And the other side.

I used fabric mod podge on the underside of the Ripple Stripe swatch to keep it from fraying before cutting out the detailed stripe from the middle and further dividing that in half.  I attached the stripes to both sides of the central fabric with fabric mod podge before any of the hemming took place. 

I sewed the clutch up like a basic zipper pouch.

The only difference was I had to add a little extra fabric on both sides of my lining fabric because I was using two swatches for the inside to accommodate the extra length that I had added to the outside.

The middle lining fabric used my Navy and Gold Spot design that tied in really well with the fireflies and the gold stripes.

And the other design I used is from the same collection, Black and Gray Dot.


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