Project Photos: Buttercup Bag

When Spoonflower had their buy one get one sale on fat quarters, I couldn't resist snagging a couple to use with this gorgeous bag pattern. The pattern itself is a free PDF file from the always wonderful blog "Made by Rae". You can find it here:

**The free version is only for personal use, but there is an option to buy the pattern which not only gives you a large and small pattern, but also comes with the right to sell any bags you make!

Anywho the urge came upon me to pair a couple of my own designs on the new satin fabric that Spoonflower has rolled out, Lichen for the exterior and Ceryneian Hind for the lining. Just as a note, it does look like I am going to have to go back and put interfacing or batting onto my  entire liner because having the whole bag made out of such slinky fabric means that it loses its shape when I pile all of my things in there. It still looks gorgeous as hell, but the tiny OCD person in my head  is badgering me to make it absolutely flawless.


Side 1

Side 2

Full bag

Full bag


Lining side 1

Lining side 2



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