Embroidered Drawstring Pouch

This intricate embroidery project has kept me very busy for the past month or so. It started out with a pattern book that I found online: Modelbuch aller art Nehewercks un Strickens, by Christian Egenolf, 1527

There are a ton of embroidery designs, but these two pages caught my eye:

I did a lot of fiddling around with the patterns on my computer to create a perfectly mirrored combination pattern. At first I made it to fit a standard piece of printer paper, but the detail required me to scale up my version to fit on a piece of legal sized paper. This gave me a little bit of trouble when tracing the design onto my fabric due to the loss of resolution. That was solved by first tracing onto a piece of thin tissue paper with a fine pen then using that version to trace with water soluble pen onto my fabric.

Here's a group of pictures taken near the tail end of the embroidering stage. Most of the work that I did on this happened while I was on a long car trip over the holidays, and it didn't even occur to me to have my camera batteries charged before I left :(  These really show only a hint of the blue water soluble ink peeking out from the stitching.

The last one above is finished, but just before I erased the blue with a good soaking of water. These two show the wet and then dry states before sewing up into a bag.

And here is a huge gallery of the finished drawstring bag. The one neat thing about me hand making the template and the blue guide marks is that it repeats beautifully, but it has slight variations between the elements that gives it a lot of character!


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