Project Photos: Carpet Flowers Bag Kit

Alright, this is the finished Carpet Flowers Bag Kit that I got printed on a yard Spoonflower's faux suede. It contains a large tote, a medium sized clutch, and a small coin purse. It takes up the entire printed portion of a yard to minimize waste.

The tutorial for how to construct the tote is here. (the Alice pattern is used, but the bag is made the same.)
This is the outside of the tote,

and here's a look at the straps.

The tote is reversible, and this is what the lining looks like.

A closer look at the pattern.

The clutch has one side with the yellow in the center,

and the opposite side has pink in the center.

This is the bottom of the clutch.

The clutch isn't reversible, but I flipped it inside out to show the lining.

The other side of lining.

Here's the tiny coin purse

and it's other side.

Yellow flowers on the bottom of this one.

And it's lining matches the pattern used on the tote's handles!


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