Design-A-Day SpoonChallenge: Day 3

Design-A-Day SpoonChallenge: Day 3 - Abstract
Today's Design-A-Day SpoonChallenge is brought to you by abstract art and Tina Vey (known at Ottomanbrim in the Spoonflower Marketplace). Today, Tina gives us a closer look at how abstract art inspires her design process. Be sure to follow along on theblog and in your inbox until March 15 as we feature a new Design-A-Day technique, presented to you by members of our talented community of designers!
Sophie Tauber-Arp - abstract art
Tina: Whenever Spoonflower announces a new contest theme I think, "oh no, not another cute animal theme! How can I interpret this theme and design a fabric I would want to live with?" Whatever the subject of the contest may be I always try to convey the essence and rhythm of the object without it looking representational.  This can be quite difficult, so I study photos and write down words that convey the essence of the object. Then I draw and redraw simple shapes until I get something that looks fresh and appealing.  And as my husband’s art teacher Harvey Kurtzman said, "If you like it, push it even farther."
nouveau_bohemian details how her design Birch Bears (blue) comes to life through simple pencil sketches
Tina: I usually push myself to work and rework a composition hundreds of times. Of course I throw a variety of textures into everything I do trying to make Illustrator do what Photoshop should be doing. Illustrator reluctantly does eventually do what I want but the color wheel spins so long I have ample time to do all my online shopping waiting for my changes to save.
Funky Jazz by Ottomanbrim
Tina: One of my favorite Spoonflower themes was ‘History of Jazz’ where I got to play with a lot of my favorite shapes inspired by a few of my favorite artists.

Inspired by Tina's tips and tricks for pencil drawings? We want to see! Be sure to tag your designs influenced by today's SpoonChallenge technique with #SFDesignADayon Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

These abstract designs started with a little doodle in a corner of my sketchbook. I made one version straight from the sketch, and a second that got tidied up a bit when recreated digitally. I added my favorite linen look to make them more complete.

Design A Day Abstract Sketch
Design A Day Abstract


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