Blog #21

Today's project is a simple fabric wallet. Just one pocket and a flap to go over it. It was super quick to make.

Three pieces is all that it takes: a fabric swatch for the lining ( I used my Red Fox Stripes), a larger black piece for the outside, and one small black piece to even out the difference between the lining and the outside fabric.

I sewed the smaller black piece to the bottom edge of the lining piece. Then I put the lining and the outside piece (which were now the same size) together right sides facing and pinned them. I sewed around the edges leaving a 2" hole for turning. The corners were clipped and then the whole thing was flipped right side out and ironed. I sewed up the hole in the side with a ladder stitch. Then I folded and ironed the bottom third into place. I ran a quick whip stitch up both sides, and then ironed the top flap down. The end.

That's all I did. I was thinking about putting in pockets and all that jazz, but I just felt like doing something simple with clean lines.

Lining of Foxes

Outside View with National Geographic for scale


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