Blog #24

This is my latest swatch project, insoles. I have small feet, and wear a size 6 shoe. Still there is a small area of insole hidden by the top of the shoe that the fabric wasn't quite long enough to cover. This looks fine on this project, but I would recommend using a swatch only for smaller shoes.

It was easy as pie, all I did was take out the existing insole, which was simply glued on, and traced it on a piece of paper. I used that as a template for cutting out my fabric. I put the original insole back in as is since the glue that held it in before was still able to keep it on the shoe.
I used a paintbrush to spread Elmer's glue on the sole, and put in the fabric. I used the wrong end of the paintbrush to smooth the fabric, and let the glue dry. That's it :)


  1. What an amazing and creative idea! I love it, and I love that fabric. Even the way you staged the photograph is so imaginative.



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