Blog #11

Yesterday I did some sewing with my Spoonflower fabric! It is always exciting to work with my own designs, and since all I have are swatches, I'm going to have to get a little more creative. This fabric bracelet is what I've come up with.

I had loads of fun making this. I used black fabric I up-cycled from an old pair of pants along with its snap button.

The black fabric was folded in half and ironed. Then it was unfolded and the raw edges on either side of the fold were folded into the middle. Ironed, and re-folded along the original fold the fabric was now 1/4 the length I started. The open length was sewn closed very close to the edge, and on the other side I sewed again to keep the fabric flat.

A strip of my cupcake fabric was cut and the raw edges ironed under. I pinned it in place, and hand stitched the ends down so I could take out the pins before using my machine to secure the sides.

Each side of the snap button was on a very small square of fabric. I hand stitched the top part of the button on with the raw end of the black fabric folded down.  The bottom part of the button went on the top side of other end of the fabric with the raw edge turned under.

At this point I tried it on to make sure everything fit. It did, but the end stuck out on the top because I put the snap too far in. Instead of undoing everything, I just put a few clasps on. Now it's perfect! I mean it's not perfect, but it's perfect; if that makes any sense.



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