Blog #18

I've been making mice shaped cat toys today. It's super fun and actually more simple than I thought it would be. So my Etsy shop is carrying mice, and I took lots of pictures! I'll try and break this down into digestible segments.

Set #1: Floral Mice

These three are made with my White Flowers fabrics found here and here on Spoonflower. The guinea pigs, so to speak, they were more of an adventure.

 Set #2: Ears and Not

This was the part where I wanted to make the mice look more like mice and less like triangles. It worked, but it was troublesome to replicate. Also I have this cautiousness about cats and thread ever since my old cat Felix ingested a yard or two of thread off a spool and the vet had to operate to get it out. Those little ears seemed just a little too likely to be replicated wrong and hurt somebody. So, while this set is secure enough that I'd let my cats play with it, mass production of cute ears is a no go.

Set #3: Mostly Blue

These are made with the small 8''x8'' swatch from my Jet Over City design (found here), and so is the previous set now that I think about it. Oops. Anywho, I divided the remaining six mice into two groups. This was mostly done based on color and this one the main color is blue.

Set #4: Mostly Purple

This one is basically the same as above. Insert "purple" for blue. Yes that's cheating, but it's almost 3am; it happens.


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