Blog #16

Now for sale! 

I've gleefully moved on from rice socks and made a purse!! It's my first one ever, and I designed it using this tutorial from Splityarn as a guide. The inside is lined with my fabrics White Flowers + Sea Serpent Colorway and White Flowers + Sea Serpents Colorway has a small black side pocket. The outer flap is made with my fabric Sea Serpents. The rest of the bag is made with a plain black fabric that I got on Ebay.

Ironically, my favorite part about the bag is the lining which you don't normally see. One side is fuchsia and the other is blue. I was using my 8" by 8" fabric swatches on this, and it pushed me in a direction the I wouldn't normally have gone.

Close up view of the Sea Serpent
View under the flap

Inside look at the lining


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