Blog #09

Today I got my fabric from Spoonflower, and I couldn't help but make a beeline for my sewing machine with this little beauty in tow. I considered making two separate nymphs using some of my other fabric as backings, but right now I don't want to cut into anything until after I get all the photographs taken.
It was a quick little project and it turned out exactly the way I wanted. (Yay!) I just put the right sides together, zipped around twice leaving a space at the top for stuffing. I stuffed her and sewed the top closed with a ladder stitch. After showing the finished product off, it got a heavy spritzing of catnip and began its life as a much beloved cat toy!
So now this is for sale at Spoonflower: I have scaled the image back up to a larger more doll size that fits on a fat quarter. This one was done on a test swatch to check for color etc. The only flaw with this one was that the top of the auburn nymph's antlers got sliced to fit everything on the swatch, but it isn't a problem on the version that's for sale.


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