Blog #13

Another swatch idea: Cat toys

I know there are a lot of fabric designs out there for cheater quilts, and I've done a few myself. But what to do with the test swatch puzzled me until seeing our five cats go gaga over the small nymph that I made, (You can read about it here.) 

The small quilting squares are just the right size in my 2011 fabric to make cat toys! It's simple enough, you just sew two squares face to face leaving a small opening. I went ahead and sewed over the seams twice to make sure it will hold up under attack. Turn inside out, stuff, and close the seam with a ladder stitch. I went ahead and ran another seam around the edge after that, because I know after I spritz it down with catnip spray, everybody loses their mind.

Front side of the rabbit square

Back side of the rabbit square with Richard in the background


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